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Behind the lens of a veteran portrait photographer

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Behind the lens of a veteran portrait photographer


"Pursue excellence, and success shall follow". These are the words Raad lives by and those are also the words which led us to create something together. Raad has photographed the cover of countless print magazines and online fashion outlets, including GQ and Lions Mag. Our challenge revolved around showcasing Raad's extensive portfolio while simultaneously including design principles that would make it seem less like a portfolio website.


In our pursuit of excellence we thought to draw inspiration from some of Raad's biggest print clients and design the website like a newspaper. Each project comes with very little text to allow the artwork to do the talking and bold colors are used to accentuate the monochromatic themes. We also took a minimalist approach when it came to typography by using large, no-fill block letters to call out the different sections and types of photographs. Overall, the website captures Raad's modern take on photography and the timeless features of his biggest clients.

I knew going into this project that it would be difficult to showcase my photography in a way that makes it feel dynamic but CreateDevs did just that. The effects and transitions on the website really capture my vision and I couldn't be happier with the end product.

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