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Work from anywhere, everywhere, wherever you please

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Work from anywhere, everywhere, wherever you please


Our challenge was to rebrand and revamp of one of the largest co-working companies in the UK. The goal was to tell the stories of the thousands of freelance workers and small companies around the country through a brand that they use every day. With so many different types of users on the platform we had to craft something that truly unites everyone together but also shines light on their differences which is what makes co-working so amazing.


Our main focus for this project was to provide very user-friendly functionality for members. We concentrated our efforts into creating a seamless search with concise filtering options. The user is able to book venues to work individually, have meetings, or work in small teams all with a few clicks on the Othership mobile app. Throughout the project we conducted several usability studies with actual members to make sure that we were designing with their needs in mind. Within those studies, we discovered how important the location, price, and availability of electrical outlets were to the user so all of those filters are very easy to navigate on the app.

The user journey was the most important part of our re-branding and re-platforming. CreateDevs did a wonderful job advising us on both design and technology to make a world-class product that we can grow internationally.


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