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NFL Ultra Toss

NFL Ultra Toss


Launched at E3 2019, the Verizon 5G NFL Mobile Gaming Challenge asked game developers to submit pitches for mobile games only possible with 5G that integrate the official NFL brand. 5 teams were chosen to build prototypes at a Finalist Game Jam. The quality of submissions was so high that 2 winning teams were each chosen to receive $400,000 to develop their prototypes into games. In the end, NFL Ultra Toss was one of two games selected to debut in-stadium at
Super Bowl LIV in February 2020.


Our goal was to ideate a game that everyone in the stadium could play on their phone, that utilizes 5G technology in some way, and finally showcases the sponsors of the game. 5G technology is all about speed and giant amounts of data so to start off we decided to give everyone playing the game an official NFL football. The goal of the game was to throw this virtual football from your seats into a pickup truck parked in the middle of the football field. During the actual game all players would get to see their tosses along with all of the other tosses to showcase the power of 5G. Overall, it was a very successful game and we were able to secure a lot of funding for indie game devs which is the biggest win of all.

NFL Ultra Toss makes you feel like you're actually a part of the action that's taking place on the field. It's fun, simple, and addictive for any football fan but also appeals to anyone at the game as an interactive way to stay engaged.

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