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Find your next food spot

Branding Identity
Dhaka Eats
Find your next food spot


Dhaka Eats is your one-stop food app to help you discover new restaurants, see where your friends are eating, and browse photos of real food. The founders of the app saw a huge gap in their market because consumers had no way to vet restaurants before going. With their huge vision at heart, they engaged CreateDevs to help them bring that vision to life.


Our approach to Dhaka Eats was based almost exclusively on the user experience. The only people that truly matter to a startup are their users and making sure they are getting enough value to continue using the product. We designed a very minimalist UI and optimized the UX for engagement and retention. While building the app from scratch we also crafted their brand identity, and website, and even helped design the pitch deck to match the brand guidelines.

The design team gave us a meaningful identity to our food discovery concept. The branding around the breakfast classic "Sunny Side Egg", helped us convey our message and connect with our audience with ease.

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