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Arcane Waters


We were approached by the Grey Havens team to get Arcane Waters ready for their upcoming launch this year. They wanted to do several PPC campaigns on various platforms, lots of new engaging content, video trailers, and outreach for press and influencers. All of this was also under a very stringent timeline so we could deliver before Steam's Next Fest where a demo of the game would be showcased amongst many other games. The main challenge was organizing and executing a strategy that made sense with the timeline and getting the most value out of Next Fest by ensuring we get wishlists from potential users once the game actually releases.


Once we organized the timeline of ads, content, and outreach we were able to begin editing videos and running campaigns. Our target was to find an audience that played games of a similar genre, gameplay, and art style then hyper-focus on the audience that showed the most promise. Over a two month period, we were able to get more than 10,000 wishlists on Steam and 40,000 game trailer views. The Discord grew more than 2x and excitement for the official release skyrocketed. Going forward, our approach is to maintain engagement within the community through Discord and Slack while simultaneously executing targeted campaigns for potential players.

The most exciting part of this project was seeing our small targeted campaigns have such a huge impact on wishlist count.

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